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Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin Awarded $3,000 Advocacy Advance Rapid Response Grant

Advocacy Advance is pleased to announce the first Rapid Response Grant recipient.


The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin has been awarded $3,000 for its “Restore the Wisconsin Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program” proposal. Established in 2009, as the first dedicated state funding source for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Wisconsin, this program provides $2.5 million each year to supplement federal Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program and Transportation Enhancements grants.


The draft 2011-2013 budget released by Governor Scott Walker zeroed out the BPFP line item, which will impact approximately half of the bike/ped infrastructure and planning projects. The move will push many crucial projects into the next funding cycle in 2013, causing cancellation of many projects and reduced available funding. 


The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, the state’s only organization solely dedicated to advancing bicycling, has initiated a lobbying campaign to restore the state’s BPFP funding in this budget cycle.


This campaign is a great example of what Advocacy Advance intends to support through the Rapid Response grant program. These grantsare awarded on a rolling basis for organizations met with unexpected opportunities to win, increase, or preserve funding for biking and walking.


The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s proposal is indeed urgent. Governor Walker released his draft budget on March 1st and a final budget is expected to pass by June. The Advocacy Advance team was able to respond to the $3,000 request within one week, and advocates can expect a check-in within two weeks. This key investment could result in the restoration of $5 million in dedicated bicycle and pedestrian funding and provide a 2,122% return on investment within a two-month period!


Thanks to the support of SRAM, Advocacy Advance has $22,000 remaining to fund time-sensitive campaigns of advocacy organizations. An additional $100,000 will be awarded through our Model and Capacity Building Grants. Inquiry proposals for these grants are due April 25.  Visit the Advocacy Advance Grants page or e-mail us for more information on our grant program.

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