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Capacity Building Grantee Celebrate Successes in Los Angeles

Making major strides in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) wrapped up their Advocacy Advance Capacity Building Grant this month.

LACBC received a $15,000 matching grant in 2011 to bolster their bilingual education and outreach program to empower Spanish-speaking residents who lack access to bike safety and advocacy tools. They have long been seeking ways to improve the conditions for the large population of underserved Latina/o cyclists in Los Angeles and a boost in funding helped them to reach out to the part of the cycling community that rides because they can’t afford cars and are transit dependent.

They have been actively engaging the bi-lingual community regarding Bike Plan implementation in their neighborhoods through workshops and rides, largely in South Los Angeles.  With Spanish-speaking educators, they will continue to to do this kind of outreach and deliver bike safety education information in two languages, with even more locations and community partners.  They will use this initiative as a model, and expand bike safety education in additional languages as appropriate for the communities in which they are working.

A PSA video and poster were created with the theme “Cuidado – your family rides bikes too.” Featured on bus bench shelters throughout the city, the message reached many L.A. neighborhoods and was also used by the mayor’s office to promote the CicLAvia community event.  Additionally, LACBC was successful in their 7th Street bike lane campaign – the first actual bike lane into downtown Los Angeles runs right through an economically and culturally diverse neighborhood and is an important step in building a downtown network.

LACBC leveraged their grant funds to raise an additional $50,000 and continues to build political power for improved bicycling in L.A. by better including populations of color.

Advocacy Advance Capacity Building Grants, funded by Planet Bike, support the development and professionalization of state and local advocacy organizations to increase rates of biking and walking. The next round of Capacity Building Grants will be announced in early 2013. In the meantime, see the first two resources in the Alliance Guide to Fundraising series to help your organization create and implement a fundraising plan and write successful grant proposals

Advocacy Advance currently has $21,000 in Rapid Response Grants available to fund organizations met with urgent and unexpected opportunities to win, increase, or preserve funding for biking and walking. There is no application deadline for these rolling grants and accepted proposals will be funded within one month. 

Since 2009, Advocacy Advance – a partnership of the Alliance for Biking & Walking and the League of American Bicyclists – has awarded $780,000 in direct grants to over 40 state and local advocacy organizations that have used those dollars to achieve powerful improvements for biking and walking in their communities.

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