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Connecticut Action 2020 Workshop Empowers Advocates and Officials


More than 50 Connecticut advocates and officials from every single county in the state turned out for a successful Action 2020 Workshop in Hartford, Conn., this month.


Hosted by Bike Walk Connecticut and the Capitol Region Council of Governments, the workshop presented an overview of federal funding sources with best practices, insight into the state and local spending context and tips for integrating bicycle and pedestrian spending into local agency priorities.


Action 2020 Workshops are facilitated by Advocacy Advance – a partnership of the League of American Bicyclists and Alliance for Biking & Walking. Fionnuala Quinn, an advocate and engineer from Virginia, joined the Advocacy Advance team as a guest presenter. Other panelists included Tom Maziarz, Bureau Chief of Policy and Planning for the CtDOT; Jason Stockmann, a member of the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board; and James Travers, Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking for the City of New Haven.


The session provided a great opportunity to bring advocates and agency staff together in the same room. “The workshop provided excellent resources, and most importantly, empowered the attendees to take action to improve the funding picture,” Sandy Fry, CRCOG Principal Transportation Planner, said. “There will be new efforts and initiatives as a result of this workshop and with the broad cross section of attendees, the efforts have a very good chance for success.”


The afternoon was dedicated to establishing local priorities. Participants identified funding strategies for bike/ped improvements and mapped out next steps for implementing them. Ranked at the top of the list by the groups were using Section 402 funds to adopt a bike/ped education curriculum in public schools and STP funds to install bicycle lanes as part of restriping projects.


Action 2020 Workshops are designed to ensure advocates, agency staff, and elected officials have the knowledge, skills and resources to access untapped or under-utilized federal funding sources at the state, regional and local level to build bicycling and walking infrastructure and programs. They are offered for free, thanks to the generous support of SRAM. Advocates and agency staff are invited to register for an upcoming workshop, including:



For more information about Advocacy Advance and the Action 2020 Workshops, or to apply to host future workshops, contact Brighid O’Keane at

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