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Gaining Transportation Funding for Cycling Infrastructure in Boulder

Community Cycles has been working with its partners in the Boulder Transportation Advisory Board to get two measures on the November 2013 ballot, supporting a local sales tax that would fund maintenance and expansion of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.















After weeks of intensive lobbying and more than a year of preparatory work, on August 20th the Boulder City Council voted to put the measures on the ballot.  Together, the two ballot measures authorize a 0.15% sales tax from 2014 through 2030. If enacted, the sales tax will generate substantial new local funds to support and encourage more biking and walking. 

Expected projects include: further experimentation with new low-stress on-street bike facilities that invite more women, families, and seniors to get around town under their own power; localized "road diets" that re-allocate underused car travel lanes to bikes and pedestrians; and the completion of the final missing links in our multi-use greenway trail system.  The sales tax revenues will also support much-needed bikeway system maintenance, including surface restoration, replacement of missing signage, modern signalization, and improved snow removal on heavily used winter bike routes.

Community Cycles is a well-connected, respected citizen’s group that is well-known in the Boulder community.  “We’ve been out in front on this issue, organizing persistently for these ballot measures,” says Sue Prant, Development Director at Community Cycles. “(We are) backed by our 1,000 members and the 6,000+ people on our e-mail distribution list (in a town of 80,000 eligible voters--7,000- 12,000 likely voters on this ballot). Community Cycle members have flooded city council with letters in support of the measures.”















While the City Council was not initially supportive of these tax measures, numerous Council members have told Community Cycles that our tireless lobbying, combined with the overwhelming, intelligent, effective support they galvanized from the community, resulted in Council now enthusiastically supporting these measures. Their urgent campaign to support these ballot measures will target key community partners and stakeholders, and will build on their well-established track record of highly effective public outreach.

Advocacy Advance awarded Community Cycles with a $2000 Rapid Response Grant to support their efforts. The potential win? Long-term, institutional support for walking and biking infrastructure and programs in the City of Boulder.


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