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New Interactive Tool to Help You Navigate MAP-21

MAP-21. CMAQ. HSIP. STP. 402. TAP. 

In federal transportation policy, acronyms are everywhere. Add to that all the different rules and eligibility for the programs, and navigating the new bill can get very confusing very quickly. 

What you really want to know is what federal transportation programs will fund your project. Advocacy Advance has created the Find It, Fund It! interactive search tool that will help you do just that. This tool centralizes and simplifies information about funding eligibility in MAP-21, and aims to connect people interested in getting state and local bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and programs funded.





























Our Find It, Fund It! Tool helps you find federal funding sources for 24 types of projects. Some of these sources you may know about. Some may be new to you. In every case, if your selected project is eligible then the tool will tell you how to fund it. 

Here is how it works:

1. Go to

2. Select your project type from the "Select a Project Below" drop-down menu.

3. Two categories of funding programs will show up. Next to the green bar are programs that are continued or new within the new transportation bill, MAP-21. Next to the yellow bar are programs that are not continued in MAP-21. However, these programs are available until your state fully spends the remaining dollars

4. Click on any program listed next to the green bar. A box will appear that lets you know what the program is, how much money is available, who makes the funding decisions, how much has been spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects in the past, and Advocacy Advance resources that will give you additional information.























Do you want to share this information at a meeting or distribute a summary of eligible programs? No problem! You can download and print this Find It! Fund It! Table. And, as always, the Advocacy Advance team remains on-hand to answer any of your advocacy or planning questions.

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