Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs

Lifting the Veil on Bicycle & Pedestrian Spending: An analysis of problems and priorities in transportation planning and what to do about it

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Advocacy Advance benchmarked planned bicycling and walking project spending in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and breaks down how state Departments of Transportation can become more transparent and responsive to community needs.

We examined the STIP from every state to determine the types of facilities that are planned for people who walk and bike. We looked if planned projects will serve bicyclists-only, pedestrians-only, or both through a shared facility and whether they will occur as part of other roadwork or as standalone projects. We found that:

We also evaluated each STIP for 10 specific data transparency criteria. The criteria were developed to address how states can improve their STIP reporting so citizens can better find, understand and evaluate planned transportation investments. Based upon our review, the average reported project cost across all states is $9 million. The average STIP project is described in one or two sentences -- often fewer than 30 words. Project descriptions should match the importance of the investments being made. The two most important things states DOTs can do to improve their transparency of their STIP reporting are:

Given how much money is programmed through the STIP process, more than $37 billion in federal funds alone each year, clearly the veil of secrecy caused by the complexity and lack of information produced in the STIP process must be lifted. Without better STIP documents there is little chance that the public can meaningfully assess the performance of transportation agencies and whether planned projects reflect stated policies and performance targets.

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Lifting the Veil on Bicycle and Pedestrian Spending (PDF - Report Only)

Lifting the Veil on Bicycle and Pedestrian Spending, combined with all 50 state Score Cards (PDF)




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Poster: Active Living Research - 2014 Annual Conference (March 2014)

A summary of the key findings from the "Lifting the Veil" report as a poster presentation for the 2014 Active Living Research Conference.

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Webinar: Discovering State Spending on Bicycling and Walking (Feb 18, 2014)

Learn about our latest report on uncovering bicycling and walking projects listed in every Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. We will discuss how states are spending their federal transportation dollars on bicycling and walking projects and how to improve state reporting of this important data.

Speakers: Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund; Ken McLeod, League of American Bicyclists

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Infographic: Transparency Spending - How Transparent is Your State?

This infographic featured in American Bicyclist July/ August 2013 issue summarizes access to information about each state DOT's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

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