About Us

Our Mission

Advocacy Advance is an organization dedicated to helping states fully fund, staff, and implement safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects. Most funding for safe infrastructure initiatives is federally-sourced. Unfortunately, Congress refuses to allocate sufficient funds for nationwide transportation and infrastructure purposes. In fact, only about two percent of federal tax monies go to support transportation and infrastructure.

Demand for safe and alternative modes of transportation is on the rise. Studies show that committing to alternative transportation and infrastructure can be considerably less costly than traditional motor vehicle projects. When communities commit to safe infrastructure projects, they not only save money on construction, but also reap the rewards of benefits of alternative transportation. Communities embracing biking and pedestrian projects have lower rates of accidents and fatalities, increased travel times, and a generally-healthier population.

At Advocacy Advance, we strive to help local communities and organizations fight to persuade their states and local governments to embrace bicycle and pedestrian projects. Even though funding is limited, we can help you show your local governments how to extend those federal funds and make the most of infrastructure projects. We find that highlighting the demand, cost-efficiency, and benefits of bicycle and pedestrian projects is the key to success.