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Through our workshops and other customized trainings, Advocacy Advance trains advocates, agency staff, and elected officials on getting their communities to unlock federal dollars for biking & walking. Participants will gain the knowledge, skills and resources to access untapped or under-utilized federal active transportation funding.

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Upcoming Workshops

We currently do not have any scheduled upcoming workshops. If you are interesting in hosting a workshop, please email us at info [at]



Previous Workshops and Trainings

Advocacy Advance has facilitated 19 funding workshops in 17 states, presented at more than 20 additional conferences and summits, and facilitated 15 Advocacy Advance webinars and focused group calls. The funding workshops alone have directly resulted in over $27.7 million in public funding spent on biking and walking infrastructure and programs. View the welcome letters and video addresses from elected officials at our workshops.


About our workshops

Advocacy Advance Workshops train citizens on getting their communities to unlock federal dollars for biking & walking. Participants will gain the knowledge, skills and resources to access untapped or under-utilized federal active transportation funding. During these workshops, we'll look at where dollars are tied up at the state, regional and local level –- and how those dollars can support better infrastructure and programs.

Workshop hosts will be able to customize the workshop content to include information about health funding sources, Federal Transit Administration funds, raising the local match, and funding innovative facilities.

Workshops are intended to bring together:

Workshop participants learn how to maximize funding in the Transportation Alternatives Program and utilize all public funding programs for bicycle and pedestrian projects at the state and local levels. During the workshops, participants will:


Previous Workshops and Trainings

May 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Investing in Place


September 2014: Pro Walk/ Pro Bike/ Pro Place Conference in Pittsburgh, PA


August 2014: Austin, TX

Hosted by Texas Department of Transportation, Capital Area MPO, and BikeTexas


August 2014: Rio Grande Valley, TX

Hosted by Brownsville MPO, Harlingen-San Benito MPO, Hidalgo County MPO, and BikeTexas.


July 2014: Chattanooga, TN

Hosted by Bike Walk Chattanooga and the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/ North Georgia TPO


June 2014: Carrboro (including Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh), NC

Hosted by Carrboro Bicycle Coalition and the Town of Carrboro


May 2014: Harrisburg, PA

Hosted by Bicycle South Central PA and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission


April 2014: Baton Rouge, LA

Walk / Ride: Local Project Development Workshop, hosted by Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX), the Capital Region Planning Commission, and Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development.


April 2014: Honolulu, HI

Hosted by Hawaii Bicycling League and the OahuMPO


April 2014: Texas Trails & Active Transportation (TTAT) Conference

“Strong Campaigns: Winning More Funding for Facilities and Trails”

“Navigating MAP-21: Maximize Federal Funding for Bicycle & Pedestrian Projects”


March 2014: Concord, NH

Hosted by Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, and HEAL NH.

February 2014: Orlando, FL

Hosted by Florida Bicycle Association and MetroPlan Orlando


October 2013: Omaha, NE

Hosted by Live Well Omaha, Mode Shift Omaha and the City of Omaha


October 2013: New England Bike-Walk Summit

"Navigating MAP-21: Federal Funding Sources"


October 2013: National Walking Summit

"Navigating MAP-21: Maximize Federal Funding for Improved Walkability" (with Safe Routes to School National Partnership)

"Ballot Measures: Partnerships to Win Local Funding for Walking" (with Center for Transportation Excellence, Americans for Transit and Living Streets Alliance)


September 2013: Charleston, WV

Hosted by West Virginia Cycling Foundation, West Virginia Connecting Communities, Regional Intergovernmental Council and West Virginia Division of Highways


September 2013: APBP Professional Development Seminar (Boulder, CO)

"Resourceful Funding for Active Transportation" with Sean Co, San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Paula Reeves, Washington State DOT


August 2013: Chesapeake, VA

Hosted by Tidewater Bicycle Association and Hampton Roads Transportatin Planning Organization


July 2013: Bentonville, AR

Hosted by Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks, Bike Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission, Walmart Fitness Center and Walton Foundation


June 2013: Bicycling Urbanism Symposium (Seattle, WA)

“Strong Campaigns: Winning More Bicycle Facilities for Your City”


June 2013: Center for Transportation Excellence Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference (Atlanta, GA)

"Multi-Modal Measures: Partnering for Success"


May 2013: Tennesee Bike Summit (Memphis, TN)


May 2013: Baton Rouge, LA

Hosted by Center for Planning Excellence, Bike Baton Rouge and the Capital Region Planning Commission


April 2013: Active Transportation Symposium (Rochester, NY)

"The Financial Case for Active Transportation: Show Me The Money"


April 2013: Indianapolis, IN

Hosted by Bicycle Indiana and Bloomington Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization


April 2013: American Trails Symposium (Scottsdale, AZ)

"Navigating MAP-21: Maximize Federal Funding for Your Trail"


April 2013: Wichita, KS

Hosted by Bike Walk Wichita, Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and Kansas Department of Transportation


February 2013: Tulsa, OK

Hosted by Tulsa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Indian Nations Council of Governments


November 2012: New Orleans, LA

Hosted by Bike Easy and New Orleans Regional Planning Commission


October 2012: Rochester, NY

Hosted by Rochester Cycling Alliance, City of Rochester, Genesee Transportation Council, and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


September 2012: Harrisonburg, VA

Hosted by Shendandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization


August 2012: Concordia and Jefferson City, MO

Hosted by Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, Missouri Association of Councils of Government (MACOG), and Pioneer Trials Regional Planning Commission


May 2012: Anchorage, AK

Hosted by Alaska Trails, Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, Alaska State Parks and National Park Service’s Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance Program


February 2012: Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta Regional Commission and Atlanta City Councilmember At-Large Aaron Watson


January 2012: Pittsburgh, PA

Hosted by Bike Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania Commission


December 2011: Hartford, CT

Hosted Bike Walk Connecticut and Capitol Region Council of Governments


December 2011: Houston, TX

Hosted by BikeHouston and Houston Galveston Area Council


October 2011: Tucson, AZ

Hosted by Living Streets Alliance and Pima Association of Governments




Advocacy Advance facilitates webinars focused on funding sources and strategies to direct that funding to bicycling and walking projects and programs.


Past Webinars

How communities are paying for maintenance of bicycle and pedestrian facilities (December 2014). Webinar recording

Maintenance is an important part of a safe and efficient transportation system. When constructing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure it is important to understand the maintenance costs of those investments and maintenance practices that will make them safe and comfortable. Join this webinar to learn about how cities and states maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities and how those efforts are paid for. Also read our latest report about maintenance.


Combined slides from the webinar (PDF)


Leveraging health for active transportation funding (November 2014). Webinar recording.

Advocates and agency staff have traditionally focused on using transportation dollars for biking and walking, but there's another set of funds out there from health agencies focused on reducing chronic diseases and obesity. In this webinar, learn about the recent funding opportunities from the CDC and steps for collaboration among transportation and health advocates and agency staff.

Combined slides from the webinar. (PDF)


MAP-21: Looking back, looking ahead (October 2014). Webinar recording.

The current federal transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), expired on October 1, 2014. Join this webinar to learn about how MAP-21 was implemented for biking and walking, and what's next in the federal transportation landscape. Click to register.


Read the webinar recap.

Combined slides from all panelists. (PDF)


Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation (September 2014). Webinar recording

As all levels of government face budget constraints many are looking to the private sector as a partner in new infrastructure investments. Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are seen as one solution to decreased federal, state, and local funds for transportation projects. While there are 7 currently operating P3 concessions in the US, according to FHWA, 12 more are currently under construction or in late contracting phases. Join this webinar to learn what P3 projects are, issues to watch for when they are proposed, and the experience of US 36 in Colorado, which includes a bikeway parallel to the highway.


Download the new Advocacy Advance resource, "Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation."

Combined slides from all panelists. (PDF, 9.5 MB)


First Mile, Last Mile: How federal funds help people who walk and bike access transit. (August 19, 2014). Webinar recording

Since 2007, federal transit funding has been used to create at least $95 million in bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Transit-oriented development, non-motorized infrastructure that promotes station access, and bicycle parking at stations and on vehicles can all be paid for with federal transit dollars. Join this webinar to learn about Advocacy Advance's new report about the many transit funding programs that can fund bicycle and pedestrian improvements and how advocates can ensure that bicycling and walking are integrated into transit systems.


Download the Advocacy Advance report, "First Mile, Last Mile."

Combined slides from all panelists. (PDF, 21 MB)


State Funding Sources for Walking and Biking Projects (July 15, 2014). Webinar recording

As the federal funding landscape changes for active transportation funding, more and more states are turning to local public revenue sources to raise the local match or fully fund bicycling and walking projects. Join this webinar to hear about the revenue sources that states are using to fund active transportation projects, and how advocates are working with State Legislatures to pass statutes that ensure bicycling and walking projects have access to dedicated state funds.


Use the new tool "State Revenue Sources that Fund Bicycling and Walking Projects"

Combined slides from all panelists


Funding Innovative Facilities (June 24, 2014) Webinar recording

City officials and advocates are eager to build new separated bicycling facilities and other innovative projects, but it is a challenge to pay for them. This webinar will highlight our new report, "How Communities are Paying for Innovative On-Street Bicycle Infrastructure," and share examples of how real cities are paying for real projects, including local, state, and federal sources.

Panelists: Darren Flusche, Policy Director, League of American Bicyclists; Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund; and Kyle Wagenschutz, Bike Ped Coordinator, City of Memphis.

Download the report "How Communities are Paying for Innovative On-Street Bicycle Infrastructre" (PDF)

Combined slides from all panelists (PDF)


Going Multimodal at the Ballot Box (April 15, 2014) Webinar recording

Advocacy Advance partnered with the Center for Transportation Excellence and the National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates on this webinar designed to provide advocates with the necessary tools to take a transportation ballot measure from an idea to a winning measure.

Panelists: Brighid O'Keane, Alliance for Biking & Walking/ Advocacy Advance; Dave Campbell, Bike East Bay

Slides from the Presentation - Brighid O'Keane (PDF)
Slides from the Presentation - Dave Campbell (PDF)

Winning TIGER 6 Funds (April 1, 2014) Webinar recording

Applications for $600 Million in Federal TIGER transportation grants are due April 28th. Please join us for a webinar to hear about what's new in the sixth round of grants and tips from successful applicants. Speakers representing the USDOT, local advocacy, and city transportation staff will tell you what makes a winning application. Click here to register for this webinar.

Panelists: Sahar Shirazi, Office of the Secretary, USDOT; Darla Latourneau, Bike Walk Lee, FL; and Erik Frisch, City of Rochester, NY

Combined slides from all panelists (PDF)

Collaborating with Health Stakeholders (March 26, 2014)

Bicycling, walking, and public health all go together. This Mutual Aid Call from the Alliance for Biking & Walking will share how advocates and agency staff have communicated, collaborated, and partnered with health stakeholders to increase their community's physical activity and wellness.

See the Mutual Aid Call notes


Discovering State Spending on Bicycling and Walking (Feb 18, 2014) Webinar recording

Learn about our latest report on uncovering bicycling and walking projects listed in every Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. We will discuss how states are spending their federal transportation dollars on bicycling and walking projects and how to improve state reporting of this important data.

Speakers: Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund; Ken McLeod, League of American Bicyclists

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)

Download the report: Lifting the Veil on Bicycle & Pedestrian Spending


Tools for Transparency: State Legislative Tracking (Nov. 19, 2013) Webinar recording

For biking and walking policy advocates, tracking transportation issues at the state level isn't always a piece of cake. Fortunately for us, the Sunlight Foundation has created powerful tracking tools to simplify the task of bird-dogging state legislation. Join this training, offered by the Sunlight Foundation and Advocacy Advance (a partnership of the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking), to learn how these innovative tools can help your work.

Panelists: Ken McLeod, League of American Bicyclists; Amy Ngai, Sunlight Foundation

Transparency tools (url)

Exploring State Legislative Data (url)

Scout Tracking Tool (url)


Where We Are on Transportation Alternatives (July 22, 2013)

It's taken a year for the federal and state governments to parse the new federal transportation law (MAP-21) and make decisions on how it will be implemented. This is your chance to hear from the teams at Advocacy Advance and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership about the funding picture at the state and local level and how advocates can influence the process. 

Panelists: Brighid O'Keane, Alliance for Biking & Walking; Caron Whitaker and Darren Flusche, League of American Bicyclists; Margo Pedroso and Stephanie Weber, Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Learn about the Federal Lands Access Program (June 13, 2013) Webinar recording

The Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) is a new funding source under the federal transportation bill, MAP-21, for which bicycle and pedestrian projects connecting to public lands are eligible. This webinar will address the rules of this program, the application process in your state and how advocates can partner with local agency staff to win funding.

Panelists: Jeff Mann, Federal Programs Team Leader and Stephanie Lind, Central Federal Lands, Federal Highway Administration; David Kack, Mobility and Public Transportation Program Manager, Western Transportation Institute; Tim Young, Executive Director, Wyoming Pathways

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Understanding and Shaping Transportation Performance Measures, Parts I & II 

This webinar series explores the implications of the new performance measure requirements in MAP-21. How will performance measures impact bicycling and walking investments? Can they work in favor for active transportation? What should be measured? What can be measured?

Part I: Federal Context and Perspectives (April 23, 2013) 

Panelists: Robert Ritter, Acting Safety Team Leader, Office of the Secretary of Transportation; Caron Whitaker, Vice President of Government Relations, League of American Bicyclists

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)

Part II: Current Data Collection Methods and Exploring What's Possible (May 14, 2013) Webinar recording

Panelists: Charlie Denney, Alta Planning + Design (PDF); Tony Hull, Toole Design Group; Jean-Francois Rheault, Eco-Counter

Slides from the Presentation - Charles Denney (PDF)
Slides from the Presentation - Tony Hull (PDF)
Slides from the Presentation - Jean-Francois Rheault (PDF)


MAP-21 and the National Bike Summit (February 19, 2013) Webinar recording

Gear up for the National Bike Summit, March 4-6. Learn how to make the most of the Summit to support your MAP-21 implementation efforts.

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Tracking Data on Bicycling and Walking Investments (January 29, 2013) Webinar recording

Maximizing bicycling and walking investments requires a great understanding of the many ways in which these investments are funded. Join this webinar to learn about Advocacy Advance tools that can illuminate sources of funding outside of Transportation Alternatives and about what is being done to track bicycle funding.

Panelists: Ken McLeod, Legal Specialist, Advocacy Advance; Andrea Milne, Benchmarking Project Manager, Alliance for Biking & Walking; Renata Silberblatt, staff analyst, Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


How Metropolitan Planning Organizations Plan for and Fund Bicycling and Walking Investments (December 18, 2012)

The new transportation bill, MAP-21, gives Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) more responsibility for distributing federal transportation funds. MPOs serving areas with more than 200,000 residents are required to use a competitive process to select projects for funding through the Transportation Alternatives (TA) program. Join this webinar to learn best practices from Advocacy Advance’s Bike-Ped Friendly MPO Working Group to effectively integrate bicycling and walking needs into the MPO planning and funding process under MAP-21.

Panelists: Mitch Barloga, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission; Brent Buice, Georgia Bikes!; Darren Flusche, League of American Bicyclists and Advocacy Advance; and Leslie Meehan, Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)

Download the Advocacy Advance report (PDF)


Guidance on Guidance: How the USDOT's Interpretation of MAP-21 Affects your State and Region (November 28, 2012) Webinar recording

After Congress passes a transportation bill, it's up to the U.S. Department of Transportation to figure out how the law should be interpreted — and release "guidance" for your state department of transportation to follow. On this Navigating MAP-21 webinar, we will explain the importance of the recently released interim guidance, as well as the good and bad news for bicyclists.

Panelists: Caron Whitaker, League Vice President of Government Relations, and Darren Flusche, League and Advocacy Advance Policy Director

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Maximizing Eligibility for Bicycling and Walking Projects under MAP-21 (September 26, 2012) Webinar recording

States have a lot of flexibility in how they spend their transportation funds. Bicycling and walking projects can be built using funds intended for safety, congestion mitigation and air quality, and general transportation purposes. This webinar shared examples of how advocates have taken advantage of the full range of transportation programs, including HSIP, CMAQ and STP.

Panelists: Blake Trask, Statewide Policy Director at the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, James Wilson, Executive Director of Bike Delaware and Caron Whitaker, Vice President of Government Relations at the League of American Bicyclists

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)
Read more about Washington's HSIP Campaign (PDF, American Bicyclist Magazine Jan/Feb 2013)


Winning Funding under Transportation Alternatives (September 5, 2012) Webinar recording

Transportation Alternatives is a critical component of the new federal transportation law: MAP-21. Already advocates are working successfully with their state departments of transportation to ensure that the new TA program is implemented in a way that benefits bicycling. Hear from panelists on successful MAP-21 implementation advocacy.

Panelists: Ron Burke, Executive Director of  the Active Transportation Alliance; Ed Barsotti, Executive Director of the League of Illinois Bicyclists; and Tim Young, Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Navigating MAP-21: The Safe Routes to School Edition (August 27, 2012) Webinar recording

Building on the Navigating MAP-21 series, this webinar focused specifically on the impact of the new transportation law on Safe Routes to School, and what you can do to ensure that Safe Routes to School survives and thrives in your community and state.

Panelists:Margo Pedroso, Deputy Director, and Robert Ping, Technical Assistance Director from the Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Slide from the Presenetation - Margo Pedroso (PDF)
Slides from the Presentation - Robert Ping (PDF)


The ABCs of MAP-21(August 13, 2012) Webinar recording

The first of the Navigating MAP-21 webinar series, this session explained the basics of the new law, what it means for bicyclists and how we can harness the opportunities to fund biking and walking projects and programs.

Panelists: Caron Whitaker, Vice President of Government Relations at the League of American Bicyclists; Randy Neufeld, Director of SRAM Cycling Fund; and Darren Flusche, Policy Director for the League of American Bicyclists and Advocacy Advance

Slides from the Presentation (PDF)


Moving Ahead for Progress? Opportunties for Communities in the Wake of MAP-21 (Alta Planning, PDF)

Overview webinar presented by Jeff Olson, Alta Planning + Design, and Andy Clarke, League of American Bicyclists Slides from the Presentation (PDF)

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"The workshop gave me specific information on safety funding and the need for specific bicycle and pedestrian language in our State Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). I am now pushing for explicit bicycle and pedestrian sections to the Arizona SHSP in the current update of the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to make it easier to obtain safety funding for bike/ped projects." - Ann Chanecka, Pima Association of Governments (Tucson, AZ)

"What has been the most exciting for me to see is how — just in the course of this morning — people are making connections and trying to answer questions for each other in the audience…One person will bring up an issue they’re having in another part of the state and someone from ADOT will stand up and say, ‘Hey I’m the guy you need to talk to.'" - Emily Yetman, Living Streets Alliance

"The knowledgeable and approachable workshop instructors introduced topics in a way that the industry’s most inexperienced to most tenured experts could understand and apply to their day-to-day work. I frequently reference the materials and website links that I obtained from that day in my current work." - Chelsea Young, Houston-Galveston Area Council

"The Action 2020 Workshop delivered in many ways. Not only did participants learn about the multiple areas of federal funding, but also learned ways to make bicycles an integral part of planning and maintenance as well as a major input into all decision-making." - Paul SoRelle, BikeHouston

"This workshop provided excellent resources, and most importantly, empowered the attendees to take action to improve the funding picture." - Sandy Fry, Capital Region Council of Governments (Hartford, CT), Principal Transportation Planner

"I’m going to be more effective at a base level because I have more knowledge. On another level, I expanded my group of contacts, from the federal down to local levels. I’ve got a lot more tools in the toolbox for our next discussion with GDOT." - Brent Buice, Georgia Bikes